Intellectual Property

Intangible Assets

The value of a single intangible asset may be higher than the value of all tangible assets in a company.

We protect the intangible assets that generate value for your company. These assets are born from novel ideas and can be represented as the brand that identifies its products and services, up to the software created in order to make its processes more efficient.

We achieve this protection through registries made before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and/or the National Direction of Intellectual Property, according to the case.

For industrial property rights, their protection is local, reason for which we count with representatives around the world in order to carry out the registry processes that are required and thus integrally satisfying your requirements. Protection for rights derived from intellectual property is worldwide.

  • Brands
  • Patents
  • Commercial Slogans
  • Literature Works
  • Musical Works
  • Artistic Works

It is important to notify that the registry certificate of intellectual property generates for its titleholders, exclusive rights that allow them to economically exploit them. Exclusivity rights take on a higher relevance if there is a consideration for the fact that in the highly competitive globalized markets, there are persons and companies that subsist in plagiarizing new creations from third parties.